Hi, Nice to meet you!

Thank you for taking your time to survey my website and check out my portfolio.

As you have seen my work tries to translate emotions into one single image.

Images are those unrepetitive moments frozen in time, emotions as well, none of them are the same.

I do believe that a photographer has to be empathic, feeling every moment, every emotion, camouflage with the enviroment surrounding him.


About my STYLE

If I have to describe my photo style is…EMOTIONAL, I´m very romantic, but I like to go beyond the pink romance I like to direct my customers to an intrinsec memory, during the wedding day I will work with a photojournalist style, I´ll capture everything that is happening all around but when the portrait moments or romantic time begins you will surely see me talking a lot with the couple my directing style goes from giving some dynamic ideas or making them remember some beautiful  previous experience in life this two things will achieve to show their natural reactions letting free their true selves.

I love to have fun with my customers so during the reception I´m sure you will see me in the middle of the dance floor praying to come out harmless from any dancing hip.

I love art, music and good movies (beside guilty pleasures) I´m a true fan of tim Burton and love to experience sunsets or any inspirational moments along with my husband and children.

I love to travel, this is a MUST  in my life so at least once a year I try to get to know some place new, you can check in my social media where I´m taking my camera next time and if you live some place where I´ll be heading  contact me maybe we can share a good coffee or some portraits.

I have to thank god for this amazing job that has taked me to many different amazing places besides Mexico, I´ve been to Paris, London, Vegas, Prague, Germany, Switzerland, and Denver.

And who knows?, maybe next time I´ll be with you shooting amazing pictures.