My name is Claudia Del Rivero, I am a life observer.
Photography is my passion.


Since I held a camera in my hands, I discovered that the moments of life can be freezed to make them last a lifetime, I remember in my parents’ house there is a chest containing photographs my father took as an amateur of this profession and photographs when my parents were young, I also remember I loved to take out these photographs and watch them over and over again trying to save them somewhere in my memory to never forget, I also remember seeing the pictures that my father had taken of us so I could remember every moment, smell, and feeling held in there. Surely memory is a very important part of my life.


Over time I found my love for film and decided that I would study cinematography, however, in Cancun, Mexico that bachelor´s degree did not exist and could not get out of here so I decided to study communications, which had a branch of audiovisual production. My studies in photograph were memorable, I could spend hours in the darkroom revealing again and again, I loved my first Pentax which I handled entirely manual especially because I loved street photography, to capture moments without people realizing. I measure everything in manual and then put down the camera up to my waist and shoot from there; it was very exciting to see the results. I continued knowing about media production and could also spend time in the laboratories of video editing and post-production learning to manage software like Photoshop. Over time I worked in advertising agencies and directed ad campaigns leaving photography and cinema momentary paused.

I became the mother of my first child and it´s when I found a vocation that I didn´t knew it existed in me, it was to be a junior high teacher. Why it is relevant in my career as a photographer? Because I learned to understand part of human nature and behavior which would help me with time to lead my clients and get ahead of the moments.


The photograph evokes for me the memories, smells, words, etc. So I like working with the moment, for me every client allows me to see that part of them that not everyone can see and tell their story. At weddings the same thing happens, I lead if I consider but at times I let things flow because for me it is very important when you see your photos again you can remember everything that happened as the first day. With families I work similar as weddings but with a very important detail I like working with adults because children are free they do not expect to be posed, they do not mind being the perfect model with the perfect smile, so they are perfect for my camera but with couples I like to make them rediscover the love that united them, they remember why they are together and that gives the perfection of the rest of the family. For me you do not have to worry I can get dirty to get the perfect shot that shows the beautiful and perfect family / couple you already are.


I love traveling and this is another of my passions, indeed, travelling out of Cancun further stimulates my creativity times two! so if you think you like me to come to you be sure that you get not only the results that you see in my work already but things even more interesting, therefore count on me to travel with you or to you and document your trip, family or event. In October 2014 I went to Prague (Czech Republic) for my first solo photo exhibition.


In advance thank you sincerely to consider me your friend and photographer.